The Shockey Collection is a compilation of the premier Sporting and Hunting Properties around the world. All properties in The Shockey Collection must meet strict criteria. Each property is evaluated in 9 categories and must meet a minimum evaluation score to be included in the collection.

Jim Shockey is known for maintaining the highest of standards in every facet of his life; from his hunting, to the products he endorses, to his own hunting territories, Jim will settle for nothing short of excellence. The Shockey Collection maintains these highest standards providing sellers the ability to showcase their exceptional properties and ensure buyers the confidence they are buying their dream property from the preeminent collection on the market..


Premier Tier

Premier Tier

The Premier Tier properties must meet the criteria minimums for all 9 evaluation categories for the collection and most often have lodges and hunting operations.

Select Tier

The Select Tier properties must meet the criteria minimums in the categories of overall quality, trophy quality, wildlife populations, tags/opportunity, and wildlife habitat in order to qualify.

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