1,285 Acres Patagonia

Property Brief

Lake Yelcho is a phenomenal fishing property comprised of 520 hectares (1.285 acres) and is located at the northern access to the lake. It has over 2 km (1.24 miles) of Route 7 frontage, which travels through the middle of the property. It has approximately 3.7 km (2.30 miles) of Lake Yelcho’s shore and 3.1 km (1.93 miles) of Frío River frontage.

The property is located close to tourist attractions such as Futaleufu River and national parks such as Pumain and Corcovado. It is only 5 hours away from Santiago by air and just 30 mile from Chaiten.

The property offers a great opportunity for recreational business for fishing as well as eco-tourism.

Property Video

Yelcho Lake Video

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